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Joseph Arnold
Joseph Arnold

Dota Imba 3.87 Ai English 11

i have that problem with ragnaros as well. it can suck. i ended up just giving up on the game for a while and only played it after saving up to buy a new computer so i could play it better. i never got really good at the game but it was fun for a while.

Dota Imba 3.87 Ai English 11

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using easyai would actually defeat the purpose. it is designed to promote the hero we are currently playing, not so much for the ai that may play that hero. so it would just wind up making you play a different hero. after all, that's what the game intends.

the term imba actually originated from brunei..well this is content directly from my science/math teacher and it isn't a lie.i'll just address him as cloud, since he is a very big fan of final fantasy and i do not wanna expose his name and he owns a bubble milk tea shop in malaysia.

this is when a freeloader, such as an ahri support, might deal with characters that they've never seriously conceived since the statement (or even never seen in real life) because the opponent's lane comp. hint: this supports the hypothesis that dota ai is in fact dota, and not anything else.

there was also a time, right after the demise of dota 2, when i couldn't play dota for 30h, and i would by no means leave the game until i'm done with it. this was one of the many parts that led me to believe that dota ai 6.83d really does what the name implies and is an ai version of dota.

as a final note (though it isnt really that last note but a last one among many others), this whole design decision that you need to comprehend dota in its most basic way is the first indication that dota ai 6.84 is probably not a real new dota, but instead a port of dota 6.88. dota ai 6.88 is a map that controls all bots, and dota 6.88 was the first version of dota to do so.84 is a remastering of the older version of the map, which controls only the bots.


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