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Suits 1x4

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Suits 1x4


The one button suit is something you don't really see that often nowadays. However it can be a good option to expand your range of suits to wear for not only more formal parties and social events but also for business occasions.

You don't really see suits with only button these days. Especially they are not common to be available as ready-to-wear garments. Most of the suits on the market are made with two or three button fastening. But if you go for made-to-measure or bespoke, everything is of course possible. In my opinion one button jackets are in fact quite hard to pull off. Therefore I personally recommend to have at least three or four suits with two or three buttons before even considering this option. The fit, especially the buttoning point must fit you perfectly. Although naturally buttoning point is one of the most important details on your suit - no matter the amount of buttons.

When it comes to buttoning your jacket there are certain rules. And those rules vary depending on the amount of buttons of the jacket. One-button suits are the actually easiest to remember. You should keep the button buttoned when you stand. And you should always unfasten the button when you sit down. It is easy as there's no extra buttons to worry about.

Two-button suits are almost as simple. When you stand, always button the top button. And leave the bottom button undone. If you check the reason to this by looking at the mirror. Simply you will notice that it looks strange. If you button the bottom button, it will also significantly restrict your movement.

Then there are the three button jackets. With these you have different options. And how to button the jackets also depends on the details of the buttoning. There are jackets that you can either button the top two and leave the bottom unfastened. And then there are jackets that you can simply wear by buttoning only the center button. On suits with a lapel that is flat, it generally looks better to button the top two. If the lapel has a soft roll to it that extends past the first button, it is better to button only the center button. 041b061a72


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