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[S2E8] What The Heart Wants

Back at the bed and breakfast, Jess is staying busy doing what she can to avoid talking to David about their kiss. She turns to her guest, Simon for advice. Before he can give her any sound feedback, Jess takes it upon herself to tell David the kiss never happened. When David still wants to talk about it, she quickly tells him she has already forgotten about it.

[S2E8] What the Heart Wants

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A-Train hands them files stolen from the Church of the Collective detailing Stormfront's former Nazi past. He says he is doing it because he wants back into The Seven and knows he can't go back unless Stormfront is out. He tells them they're even for saving his life after his heart attacks and demands they tell no-one where they got the files from. Meanwhile, Butcher and Stan negotiate a deal after Butcher impresses upon Stan that he can't control Stormfront or Homelander and admits that Stormfront's racist views makes him uncomfortable. Butcher reminds him that Ryan is the only thing that could possibly be used to control Homelander and makes an offer; he'll get Ryan out and then give him to Stan on the condition that Becca stays with him.

After Suzune's group members left, Ayanokouji stayed back to ask her what she had in mind for Kushida. She revealed that she wants to deal with her on her way alone. Meeting Kushida in the classroom, Suzune offered her a bet for the math test in the Paper Shuffle exam. The latter proposed that she would leave the school voluntarily if she scores less, and if she wins, the former should stop sabotaging her life.

During the excellent second season of The Mandalorian, Mando has traveled the galaxy trying to find the right person to train his tiny green son, meeting Mandalorians, powerful Jedi, famous bounty hunters and even an adorable frog family along the way. He's learned that his way isn't the only Mandalorian one and that there were certain lines worth crossing for the ones he loved. And as he comes to the end of his quest, he learns most importantly that he needs to sacrifice his own wants for the needs of the one he values most even if that breaks his heart. On top of all that, we also get an appearance by a certain famous actor who isn't quite done with his legendary character yet and a coda showing that the book of Boba Fett has a few more chapters in it.

Since Moff Gideon has the Darksaber and Mando has the coordinates to his ship, Bo-Katan agrees to help rescue Grogu as long as she gets Gideon's cruiser to retake Mandalore. If Mando finishes his quest with the child, she asks him to join their efforts and he agrees. She requests the Darksaber as well, which we helpfully find out cannot cut through pure beskar. She's going to kill the Moff and take what is rightfully hers. With the Darksaber restored to her, Mandalore will finally be in reach. Mando doesn't really care about anything but Grogu so he tells her to take whatever she wants, he just wants the child.

Gideon notes that the saber used to belong to Bo-Katan and that he knows Mando has been traveling with her. He knows everything such as the fact that his whistling stars have already launched. Mando wants to know where this villain monologue is going and Gideon kindly tells him exactly what Bo-Katan and her group of what he terms murderous savages has accomplished by now but what Bo-Katan really wants is the Darksaber because whoever wields it has the right to lay claim to the Mandalorian throne. Mando doesn't care about that, he just wants his child.

Over at Elizabeth's house, Verity tells Elizabeth she knows what's bothering her. She must not feel right about marrying Malfoy because her heart still belongs to Francis, right? Surely, getting over the very recent death of one's husband must still be so very hard. Elizabeth pulls a muscle pretending that yes, all these hysterics are totally about Francis and not his much hotter cousin:

As Kala is working, Will is overlooking his research into Whispers and BPO before going back to bed. As they are both quite restless and unfocused, Kala appears to Will and asks for his advice. She's keenly aware her husband hasn't been completely forthcoming about his business practices, but she hasn't been totally honest either. As she goes to check Will's vitals as they continue to visit one another, she confesses she now thinks it's better if she came forward about her being another species. She believes Rajan is a good man, though she's less certain of this as she once was. A separate issue, she wants to know if Will sensed something was untrustworthy about Lila. She's very sure of it. She tests Will's saliva with a cotton swab. While she's allowed herself to be paralyzed by doubt in the past, she's now considering a more proactive approach, like him or Sun. That entails telling Rajan everything about what's going on with her and then asking him to confess whatever he's up to. She's unsure if this is a good approach, but she also doubts a marriage can survive secret-keeping. Now that she's finally done rambling, Will asks if she wants to tell Rajan so he'll tell her everything or because she's in love with someone else. She deflects and tells him his thiamine is low while his lack of irons is affecting his adrenals, which is why he's craving drugs. She tells him drugs won't help him to find Whispers. He needs to eat properly, take his medicine, and focus. She gives him an injection and tells him he'll be fine. She goes to leave, but he stops her and tells her she'll be fine, too.

Felix asks Wolfgang what they're doing here. He wants to go back to the shop, making keys and saving damsels. He wants to go tell Fuchs off, but Wolfgang says no. He has to take care of something first. He leaves the club.

Fuchs joins Wolfgang in a steam room and asks for his advice. He knows that Wolfgang is aware how delicate the situation is. It's about Lila and the way she talks about him. He asks if Lila ever talks about him. Wolfgang says not really. Fuchs says he cares for Lila a great deal and goes to talk about thinking about marrying her as Lila appears to Wolfgang, commenting she loves listening to men trying to express their feelings. Fuchs wonders if you can ever really know someone. He admits he has friends at the NSA and has paid them to monitor certain cell lines. He received transcripts of a call that has led him to believe Lila is going to betray him. Lila herself pretends to feel for him. Wolfgang inquires about the call. Fuchs says it came from Khailal, one of his competitors, negotiating a contract on his life. Since Wolfgang knows this city and the criminal world, he wants Wolfgang to provide information. Lila tells Wolfgang he was right about the difference between them: she wants to live freely without a leash around her neck. A staff member brings Fuchs his phone. It's Lila calling him. She pretends to be panicky. She tells Fuchs that she received a call from Khailal, who's planning on making a move on him. She played along with him to find out who's driving him, and she believes Wolfgang is behind it. She knows he's with Wolfgang now and begs him to come home since she doesn't know what to do without him. He calms her down and hangs up. He tells Wolfgang they'll continue this conversation later and leaves. Once Fuchs is gone, Lila puts her head on Wolfgang's shoulder and tells him this is her way of telling him she has a crush on him. Instead of just wishing she was dating him instead of Fuchs, she has decided to do something about it.

The two leave the house with Capheus held at gunpoint. After walking away for a bit, Githu puts the gun away and asks if his pretty girl turned him to politics or if he's Silas' bitch now. Capheus asks why he cares. Githu figured Capheus would never get into something as stupid as politics. Capheus says he wants to change things. Githu says people like what they are used to, but Capheus says people want things to get better. Githu warns him that certain people are hearing the noise he's making, so he and his lady should be careful. Githu says his boss doesn't do warnings, and he could get killed just for talking to Capheus. Capheus asks why he's doing this, then. Githu admits he still likes him. After what Capheus did to him, he wanted to kill him, but then he heard everyone talking about them, the new Rumble in the Jungle. Together, they are legendary. Capheus suggests Githu come work for him, but Githu says Bossman pays better. However, if Capheus survives, he has his vote.

Will takes Whispers' place as his wife complains about being in hiding for an indefinite period of time. Whispers says it'll take what it takes. He's trying to protect his family from dangerous people. Chelsea complains that she wants to go home. Whispers orders his wife to take her out of here since he has work to do. As she goes to do so, Elizabeth yells at Whispers that she sometimes doesn't know who he is. As she walks off, Will sees her as Riley.

Chen Tang:That is the greater question of does it fit into this thing? And for me, my mind wants to jump to this answer of, yeah, of course I love a color blind casting because... And I'm a genuine believer of like, you know what? You can play everything. Really. If I had put you, if I had taken you as a child and dropped you in China, you would have grown up fully believing that you are Chinese.

Chen Tang:I think making it for me would be whatever had been in my imagination and my heart to really, really feel full and complete, to achieve that for that to come into existence, that to me was making it. Whatever that might be. There's no judgment about that. If money isn't put into your fame or just doing what you love to do or having a big house, all these things, those are all part of it. And I welcome all of it. And to achieve that, once you achieve that, I have a real belief that then our hearts want to have something else and then you're in the pursuit of making it again.

Speaking of Daenerys, she is still trying to find her dragons in Qarth. Jorah is encouraging her to abandon them, which shows how much he knows. However, he's not sanguine on Dany entering the House of the Undying, since that's exactly what Pyat Pree wants. Dany, knowing she has no choice, decides to go, insisting that as the Mother of Dragons, she cannot abandon the only children she will ever have. 041b061a72


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