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The Pros and Cons of Soar Into The Sun: A Review of the 2012 South Korean Movie

Soar Into The Sun (2012) BluRay 720p AC3 X264-CHD 1: A Review

If you are looking for a thrilling and spectacular movie that showcases the skills and courage of fighter pilots, you might want to check out Soar Into The Sun (2012) BluRay 720p AC3 X264-CHD 1. This is a South Korean movie that was released in 2012, also known as R2B: Return to Base or Al-too-bi: Riteon Too Beiseu. In this article, we will review this movie and tell you what we liked and disliked about it.

Soar Into The Sun (2012) BluRay 720p AC3 X264-CHD 1


What is Soar Into The Sun?

Soar Into The Sun is a South Korean action movie that was directed by Kim Dong-won and produced by Park Sung-hoon. It is a remake of the 1964 movie Red Scarf, which was also about fighter pilots during the Korean War. However, Soar Into The Sun is set in modern times and focuses on a conflict between South Korea and North Korea over a disputed maritime border.

Who are the main actors and characters?

The movie stars Rain as Captain Jung Tae-yoon, a talented but reckless pilot who gets transferred to a combat air force unit after causing an international incident. There, he meets Major Lee Cheol-hee, played by Yu Jun-sang, who is his strict and demanding commander. He also meets Yoo Se-young, played by Shin Se-kyung, who is a technical sergeant and a mechanic who works on his plane. Other notable actors include Kim Sung-soo as Captain Oh Yoo-jin, Jung Tae-yoon's rival and friend; Lee Ha-na as Choi Min-ho, a female pilot who has a crush on Jung Tae-yoon; Lee Jong-suk as Ji Seok-hyun, a rookie pilot who admires Jung Tae-yoon; and Oh Dal-su as Master Sergeant Min Dong-phil, a humorous and loyal subordinate of Lee Cheol-hee.

What is the plot summary?

The movie follows Jung Tae-yoon as he tries to prove himself as a fighter pilot and earn the respect of his colleagues and superiors. He also develops a romantic relationship with Yoo Se-young, who initially dislikes him for his arrogance and recklessness. However, their lives are put in danger when North Korea launches a surprise attack on South Korea's airspace, using a stealth fighter that can evade radar detection. Jung Tae-yoon and his team must use their skills and courage to defend their country and stop the enemy from starting a war.


What are the strengths of the movie?

The action scenes

One of the main attractions of Soar Into The Sun is the action scenes that feature realistic and impressive aerial combat. The movie uses real fighter jets such as F-15Ks and T-50s, as well as CGI effects, to create thrilling and spectacular scenes that showcase the speed, maneuverability, and firepower of these machines. The movie also uses various camera angles and sound effects to immerse the viewers in the experience of flying and fighting in the sky. The action scenes are well-choreographed and edited, making them easy to follow and exciting to watch.

The cinematography

Another strength of Soar Into The Sun is the cinematography that captures the beauty and diversity of South Korea's landscapes. The movie features stunning shots of mountains, rivers, islands, cities, and coasts that serve as the backdrop for the action scenes. The movie also uses different lighting and colors to create different moods and atmospheres for different scenes. For example, some scenes use bright and warm colors to convey happiness and romance, while others use dark and cold colors to convey tension and danger.

The soundtrack

The last strength of Soar Into The Sun is the soundtrack that enhances the emotion and impact of the movie. The movie uses various songs and instrumental pieces that match the tone and theme of each scene. Some songs are upbeat and energetic, while others are sentimental and dramatic. Some songs are also sung by Rain himself, who is not only an actor but also a singer. The soundtrack adds more depth and flavor to the movie and makes it more enjoyable to watch.

What are the weaknesses of the movie?

The clichés

One of the weaknesses of Soar Into The Sun is the clichés that make it predictable and unoriginal. The movie uses many tropes and stereotypes that are common in action movies, such as the rebellious hero, the strict commander, the love interest, the rival, the comic relief, etc. The movie also follows a formulaic plot structure that has been done many times before, such as the training montage, the romantic subplot, the betrayal twist, etc. The movie does not offer much novelty or innovation in terms of its story or characters.

The romance

Another weakness of Soar Into The Sun is the romance that feels forced and unnatural. The movie tries to develop a romantic relationship between Jung Tae-yoon and Yoo Se-young, but it does not do it convincingly or effectively. Their relationship lacks chemistry and depth, as they go from hating each other to loving each other in a short span of time without much reason or development. Their relationship also distracts from the main plot and theme of the movie, which is about fighter pilots and their mission.

The logic

The last weakness of Soar Into The Sun is the logic that makes it unrealistic and implausible. The movie has many scenes that defy common sense or reality, such as Jung Tae-yoon flying under a bridge or through a tunnel; Jung Tae-yoon escaping from a missile by ejecting from his plane; Jung Tae-yoon surviving a crash landing without any injury; etc. The movie also has many plot holes and inconsistencies that make it confusing or contradictory, such as how North Korea obtained a stealth fighter; how North Korea launched an attack without any warning or provocation; how South Korea responded to the attack without any coordination or strategy; etc. The movie sacrifices logic for spectacle, making it less believable or credible.


What is the overall rating and recommendation?

In conclusion, Soar Into The Sun (2012) BluRay 720p AC3 X264-CHD 1 is a movie that offers a lot of action and spectacle for viewers who enjoy watching fighter jets in action. However, it also suffers from many clichés, flaws, and weaknesses that make it less engaging or satisfying for viewers who expect more from a movie than just eye candy. Therefore, we would rate this movie 6 out of 10 stars and recommend it only for fans of Rain or fans of aerial combat movies.

**FAQs** Q: Where can I watch Soar Into The Sun (2012) BluRay 720p AC3 X264-CHD 1? A: You can watch this movie online on various streaming platforms or download it from various torrent sites. Q: Is Soar Into The Sun based on a true story? A: No, this movie is not based on a true story but on a fictional scenario. Q: What is Red Scarf? A: Red Scarf is a 1964 South Korean movie that was also about fighter pilots during the Korean War. Q: Who is Rain? A: Rain is a South Korean actor, singer-songwriter who plays Captain Jung Tae-yoon in this movie. Q: What are F-15Ks? A: F-15Ks are advanced variants of F-15E Strike Eagles that are used by South Korea's air force.


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