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Buy Curtains Online India

Curtains bring a sense of elegance to the interior. Designer curtains are the key components of home furnishing they not only uplift the entire ambiance of your home but also provide privacy to your home. Wooden Street offers you an affordable range of door and window curtains for living room and bedroom Online. Our curtains collection includes floral curtains, sheer curtains,semi-sheer curtains, kids curtains, blackout curtains, Light filtering curtains, bathroom curtains, and macrame curtains at an affordable price. So, what are you waiting for? Buy designer curtains online by selecting the right piece for your home interiors. Scroll down to know more about it.

buy curtains online india

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Curtains at Wooden Street have the power to change the decor of your house. They help to block sunlight and keep outside dust away. It's amazing how a simple piece of cloth can turn any room or place into a wonderland. At Wooden Street, you can choose from a wide variety of curtains for living room and bedroom online.

Before choosing the right curtain design always remember the color and texture of your walls. We offer stylish curtains designed for specific rooms. You can choose from the pretty living room and classy bedroom curtains.

Curtains for living room act as protectors in almost every modern, traditional, rustic, or country-style home to avoid dust and other elements from outside. With a variety of Living Room curtains online in India in alluring colors and designs, we are sure to have perfect and stylish pieces of curtains designs to fit in your space.

The Curtains for the living room provided by us are designed keeping in mind the customer's requirement and thus help in giving the living room a decorative accent. Contrast your home decor and color with something appealing and give your rooms a marvelous makeover. Also, enhance the look of living room curtains by adding curtain tie-backs.

Curtains(कर्टन) for home reflects the style and personality of the homeowners. They help give space a dramatic and functional look. So consider these points before buying the best curtains for the living room online.

Curtain Material: At Wooden Street, the material of curtains is easy to clean and serves its purpose. Some of the best fabric materials for curtains to choose from are polyester, cotton, poly-cotton, poly blend, tissue, velvet, water-repellent polyester, jute, polyester net, etc.

A room is incomplete without the right curtains. They are simple pieces of fabrics that not only set the tone of the room but also change the look and feel of the space. Here are different types of curtains which will convince you why you should include room curtains in home decor.

One of the most crucial components of any space is the door curtains. These curtains are long and are meant to hang above the doors. Since we are aware of all of your requirements, Wooden Street has the largest selection of door curtains available for purchasing curtains online.

Window curtains are more than just a way to conceal the window panels; they are also a way to decorate the space with a piece of fabric that will enhance your home's divine beauty. One such online furniture retailer is Wooden Street, which offers a great selection of designer window curtains in a variety of sizes and patterns.

Using the macrame knotting technique, you may create a variety of objects, including curtains, planters, panels, and much more. The ropes dangle down to create the remaining portion of this macrame curtain after a little segment of knots is tied at the top. These are also used as curtains for the drawing room.

Sheer curtains, commonly referred to as sheers, are thin materials that cover your windows and doors, soften the lighting in your house, and instantly inject flair into your interior design. You can have some seclusion with sheer curtains, and they work well with several window treatments as well.

The term "blackout curtains" sometimes refers to drapes consisting of a densely woven, double-lined fabric. Blackout drapes are made of thick material to totally obscure light. Blackout curtains for the bedroom block all light, leaving just the spaces surrounding the windows for light to enter the room.

Also, we have our stores in different cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, and across India. You can explore our curtains collection: Curtains in Mumbai, Curtains in Bangalore and Curtains in Hyderabad, Curtains in Chennai, Curtains in Pune, Curtains in Delhi, Curtains in Kolkata, etc.

The curtains are stitched from lightweight fabric, heavy material is used for drapes and blinds consist of slats (vertical or horizontal). All three types are different in looks and material used for making.

Blackout curtains are used for blocking the sunlight. They reduce the amount of heat transferred via the window. These curtains are made up of heavy dark color fabrics which keep your room cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

The Curtain Label, Urban Space, Rajasthan Decor, Rosara Home, Clasiko, Arrabi, The conversion, Presto Bazaar, and various other top brands of curtains are available at affordable prices on WoodenStreet.

The part of the house that entertains most people is the living room. If put up the right way, curtains can drastically enhance its aura. Since this large space accommodates several pieces of furniture, accessorising it is a creative task. Complementing the decor items with each other can produce a visually resplendent look. And then your living room will create a fine impression on anyone who walks in through the door.

First things first. Knowing the light requirements. Do you want your living room well-lit and bright? Or would you rather have it toned-down, perhaps a little on the cooler side? No matter what your preference is, you should be clear about it before shopping for curtains. The ones that have a sheer fabric allow maximum amount of light to enter. These come in light shades and are thin. On the other hand, if a curtain is made of dense fabric, it will block most of the sunlight. These shades are useful when you want to have a movie night or a private get-together in your living room.

Modern houses and apartments generally have floor to ceiling length windows. These windows, although striking, offer minimum privacy. Every now and then, it becomes inevitable to cover them up with curtains. To cover a floor to ceiling area, you need a curtain that is longer than the edges of your window. Take a measuring tape and calculate the length and width of the window frame. As a general rule, the curtain rod must be placed about 4 inches above the window. Installing it right below the ceiling adds a bold effect, with the fabric spreading across an entire wall.

We also have a wide range of room darkening curtains made of velvet and polyester. These designs retain maximum privacy all through the day, and even at nights. It establishes a soothing environment, which is a great feature to have in your bedroom. The velvet creates a royal decor and adds depth to the windows and walls. Its thickness helps dampen the sound from outside, giving you a sound sleep every night.

When your curtains look fresh, it improves the appearance of windows. They act as decorative borders and beautify the space. Some regular dusting every now and then can keep these curtains for home just as stunning as the day you bought them.

Pastels, or a delicate colour scheme looks elegant. Soft-hued curtains maintain a well-balanced brightness inside the house and merge smoothly with the background. These shades can often feel like they have healing properties. They are pleasing to the eye and create a warm atmosphere inside the room.

Velvet curtains look sophisticated and complement a heavy room decor. Large rooms with wide window frames need these curtains to match their grandeur. Even though it looks majestic, velvet demands more attention when it comes to retaining its quality. These curtains can either be machine washed, or dry cleaned, depending upon the individual instructions for each product.

Lastly, linen and polyester curtains are the best choice if you want to have more brightness inside the room. Light textured and pale, this fabric adds a graceful touch to the windows. For a minimalistic interior, with limited furniture pieces, go for the linen and polyester curtains available at IKEA.

Change is something that we all tend to resist, be it in our personal lives, our surroundings or even if we have to change something as simple as a curtain. Oh, did I say simple? Not at all. Choosing the right curtains, be it window curtains or door curtains, is not an easy task. With a plethora of options of fabrics, finishes, colours and curtain rods, choosing the right curtain that would suit your space can be quite overwhelming!

2. Lenght: Getting the correct length of the rod is very important so that you do not end up with a shorter piece or cutting off that extra piece and making a mess of the idea.3. Curtain Lenght: Getting the correct length of the curtain will add on to the aesthetic appeal of your space. A curtain too short or perhaps something that sweeps the floor might be an eyesore.Having said that, let us take a look at what are the different types of curtains that you can choose from while redoing your space.

If you are looking to give your space a simple, formal look, box pleated curtains would just be fine. With a tailored look and drapes that have deep folds down the full length of the curtains, box pleated curtains are ideal for more formal rooms like the lounge, dining or study.

These curtain-types need a slender curtain rod that can be used to easily put in the hooks that come attached to the curtain sets. Made of a net or lightweight materials, these types of draperies are usually placed in spaces where the curtains are not opened and closed very frequently.

Choose from a range of curtains that are designed for doors, windows, french windows and even shower doors. You can also choose from an assortment of materials such as cotton, net, polycotton, velvet, tissue, silk and more. Available in a range of patterns, colours, and styles, you can buy your preferred style of curtains online from a reliable e-commerce website at great discounts and prices. 041b061a72


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